How To Apply For A Grant

If you provide programs, projects, or services to disadvantaged and underserved youth in San Diego County, we can help.

About The Grant Application Process & Funding Guidelines

The Mission of the Boys and Girls Foundation is to identify, support or create programs, which provide preventative services or direct care to abused, neglected, disadvantaged and under served youth in San Diego County.

** We will not fund organizations who have applied within the last 12 months. All grant recipients must submit a 1-year final report using the date on the grant check as the start date. The final report must be accepted as complete before an additional grant may be considered. **

Deadlines for submission:

November 1, 12pm

February 1, 12pm

May 1, 12pm

August 1, 12pm

Online Grant Application 

Complete and submit the online Grant Application Form, located here.

Funding Guidelines:

The Boys and Girls Foundation provides funding for 501(c)3 entities who provide programs, projects or services to disadvantaged and underserved youth in San Diego County.

We do not fund requests that benefit:

- Organizations that discriminate according to race, gender or religion

- For profit organizations

- Adult programs

- Organizations who have applied in the last 12 months. 


- Make single year grants rather than multi-year commitments

- Provide funding for locally funded organizations rather than nationally funded

- Provide camp scholarships through our Boys and Girls Go to Camp Voucher program

We do not provide funding for:

-Employee salaries and benefits, training or conference registration

-General operating expenses of the organization

-Field trips

-Capital improvement or building funds

-Programs outside San Diego County

-Camp programs

-Organizations who have received funding in the last 12 months(see** above)

For Questions, Please Contact:

Meredith Watwood at (619) 683-2192 or email

Filling The Void

As school districts are facing massive cuts in school programs, teachers and students are taking the hit.  In California, nearly half the districts axed or whittled away at art, drama and music programs. 

A survey, which was done with over 1,800 high school students, stated percent said budget cuts affected their ability to get the classes they need to graduate, cuts to just programs and teachers — leading to fewer opportunities and larger class sizes — have shown to affect students' college readiness.