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We are no longer accepting 2019 Camp applications

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2018-2019 Boys and Girls Go To camp

This year we provided 400 San Diego Youth with camp scholarships

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Summer Camp Program

Providing Kids The Summer Experience Of A Lifetime

We provide financial assistance to those in need to be able to send their children to over 25 local summer camps. Last year, we sent 400 kids to camp. 

The next application registration period will be between January 1 through May 15, 2020. Applications received outside of this time frame will not be considered for scholarships. San Diego residents only.  Please print clea

Why Kids Need Camp

 Summer camps  are perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development. After all, summer camps are places where children get the experiences they need to bolster their range of life skills. Our communities and schools will have amazing kids who show the resilience to make good decisions throughout their lives.